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Natural Healing


Modern medicine has worked miracles for many patients, but what about the patients whose modern medicine did not work?  You know, the patients and the loved ones who are sent home to "put their estate in order" and "prepare for a funeral."  Many of those patients survive thanks the numerous benefits of natural medicine.  Natural healing is becoming more popular by the day and for good reasons.  There is more research out on the benefits of natural healing than ever before!  I have found that a combination of modern medicine (chemotherapy for me), exercise, and natural remedies has provided me with the arsenal I need to send Dirty Harry out of business! 

 Below are articles and web links that I found very helpful in my research on Natural Healing.

AHCC article  

C-protocol  Supplements for people fighting with cancer

Mangosteen Fruit  I found this site while surfing the web.  Its benefits remind me a lot of pomegranate juice, however I have not tried it yet.  The juice itself is quite expensive, but you can buy the caplet supplement online by the company SolarRay.

Vitamin Shoppe  This is a great site to look for supplements.  I have heard many good things about the company SolarRay and the quality of their products.

Life-Enthusiast  Click on the link labeled Newsletter from the gray banner.  To the left you can read any of their current or old newsletters.  I recommend reading the April 2005 newsletter about how nutritious our food really is, definitely something to think about.

I love POM!  I love this stuff!  It tastes wonderful and comes in many different flavors like Pom original, Pom blueberry, Pom mandarine, and Pom cherry ( my favorite).  Research shows this juice to be the best in ridding   your body of free radicals, like the ones that cause cancer and other life threatening disease.  I did other research on line by searching "pomegranate juice and cancer" and I was impressed by what I read.  I drink 8 oz a day to help my body get rid of those nasty free radicals!

Pomegranate Juice Shows Promise

Eat to Prevent!  This guide shows the most common phytonutrients, what foods you find them in, and the benefits of each!

 IMMPower  A must read on the amazing benefits of Japanese medicinal mushrooms.  I have been on IMMPower and I've seen an incredible difference in how my body tolerates my chemotherapy treatments.  

IMMPOWER  My reasons for the importance of using IMMPOWER 

Medicine Mushrooms=Immune Protection

More on Japanese Medicine Mushrooms

Organic Food  Why is it important?

BAD Sugar    Here is a LONG list of how refined sugar is bad for your body.  I have a sweet tooth, so this article was definitely hard to swallow.  I now try to limit my refined sugar intake a few days before my chemotherapy treatments and during  my chemotherapy treatments to keep my immune system it top shape.

Probiotics  After much research I decided to give probiotics a try.  I was impressed with how well it helped my stomach heal from surgery by allowing me to eat foods that I otherwise would not have been able to eat.  Probiotics also has helped me fight off infections that commonly attack chemotherapy patients.  I do not use probiotics on a regular basis.  I tend to use it before and during chemotherapy, as well during times when illnesses are circulating the family.

Vitamins  Two must takes on my list because not only do they taste good, but they provide the nutrients you need without swallowing a nasty horsepill!

Teflon  Is teflon really as safe as they say?  After reading this article my teflon pans will find a new home in the garbage! 


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 I am not a medical or health professional.  Information in this site has been gathered from numerous sources and is for research purposes only.  I do not guarantee the accuracy of any information in this site.