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I'm a strong believer in "everything with moderation".  This has become my approach in my fight against cancer.  One part of my ammunition against DSRCT has been the supplement IMMPower (AHCC).  

If you were to ask me months ago what I thought about supplements, I would have probably told you that I thought the majority of them were a waste of money.  That way of thinking changed just three days after taking IMMPower.  As you have read through my journal, I am on an intensive regimen of chemotherapy.  This regimen would leave me in bed for days and sick for more than a week.  I was nauseous, dizzy, and often would become short of breath.  All of these are common side effects of chemotherapy because the job of chemo is to kill fast reproducing cells...even the good ones.  But one has to begin to question this type of therapy because it attacks your immune system.  After all, don't you need your immune system to fight cancer?  So your stuck between a rock and a hard place because you need the chemo to kill the cancer and you need your immune system to also kill the cancer.  I guess this is where some people would say "You can't have your cake and eat it too."  But guess what?  YOU CAN!!!!  IMMPower charges up your immune system and gives it more "killer cells" to help your body get rid of cancer.  Since I have been on IMMPower by red cell count has climbed to almost "normal" (11.5), my platelet count and white cell count remain impressive, and my chemo side effects are virtually gone!  I no longer become nauseous after chemo, no more dizzy spells, or shortness of breath.  And what has been really amazing is that my recovery time for chemo is cut in half!  I can count on being tired (the "lets just lay on the couch" tired ) for about 3 days and my worst day will consist of a bad headache.  I am back to running (1.5 miles) FIVE DAYS after chemo! 

I have had numerous people come up to me asking if I still take treatments because they can't believe how active I am!    IMMPower has given me the ability to live during chemotherapy.  Not only has it given me back my energy, but I know that it is helping my body fight the cancer that has invaded my body and it will help me keep it away once I'm in remission.