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We all hate taking vitamins, especially when we aren't feeling well.  Besides, do you know anyone who ENJOYS taking those large horsepills that are hard to swallow?  Research has shown that some of those vitamins that you swallow whole may not be giving you all of the nutrients you think.  This is due to the fact that some vitamins are not able to dissolve completely before being digested by the stomach and sent out as waste.  

When taking a chewable vitamin, you ensure yourself that the nutrients listed on the bottle are the nutrients you are getting in your system.  I know what your thinking....children's vitamins?  YES! Children's vitamins.  Talk to your doctor to find out how many chewable vitamins you should take.  Listed below are two WONDERFUL chewable vitamins.  You can buy them at or for a great price!

Animal Parade  I take 4 of these each day.

Kid Greenz  I take 2 of these each day.


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