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hospital adventure

Day 1

A little after 9 am I'm wheeled into surgery.  Before going through the surgery doors I decided that today just wasn't a good day for surgery and tried to get off of the table and leave.  I told the nurse..."I'm not quite ready for this...lets try tomorrow"....that's the last thing I remember.

Day 2

I'm in the ICU and have a hateful breathing tube down my throat.  I'm pretty high on pain medications ("I'm high!  I like to get high!"~Cyprus Hill)  and from what I've been told....I'm writing potty-mouth notes to everyone!  I have 5 JPs, 2 Chest tubes, a catheter, and a NG tube (the one down your nose)

Day 3

The breathing tube is taken out and I'm taken out of ICU into my own private room.

Day 5

I'm not allowed to eat...sure could use some Subway.  My back and butt begin to ache and the send in the dermatologist...this can't be good.  I start chemotherapy.

Day 6

They take a sample of my ample rump (thanks to fluid from the surgery) to see why it's aching so much.  Did I mention I have Miss Piggy legs, fingers, butt, and everything else?

Day 7

I have shingles....dangit!  This sucks!

Day 8

I'm moved into isolation b/c of my shingles.  Anyone who comes in my room (and I mean EVERYONE) must wear a mask and use gloves to touch me.  I feel like a freakin' science experiment.    Mum and my brother Alexander visit me.  I even marched in place today.  

Day 9

Having shingles still sucks but I do love having people rub creme on my butt...even if it means my mother-in-law does it!  Thanks Dianne!  Apparently, due to my pain medication, I tell my Mum a "story" about my brother Daniel becoming a farmer.  (For anyone who knows Daniel....he is very far the opposite of becoming a farmer!  In fact he was in the Airforce and has more tattoos and piercings than I can remember.)

Day 11

More visitors!  Smiles!  I have a UT infection and I'm stuck 8 times today...yes EIGHT times!  

Day 12

I decide to take charge about getting stuck so often and inform the nurse they will only be sticking me once a day...and that is they had better make sure they get their ducks in a row about how many bottles of blood they need from me!  My friends from school come to visit me and decorate my room with Get Well cards from my students.  I LOVE my new room.  I know everyone in my hall must be jealous!  

Day 13

Today just plain sucked.  Well I guess on some level everyday so far has kinda sucked, but today really sucked.  I slept most of it and then walked a few laps around my room.  I decided, like a complete idiot, to make a little "happy hop" and I trip over myself.  I fell to the ground and hit my head on a cabinet.  Remember that I have more than 6 tubes in me and a pic line (like an IV).  I knew for sure something and been pulled out, but lucky enough everything was okay.

Day 14

I got a blood transfusion and I'm starting to run high fevers(102.4).  I'm angry because my chemo was canceled because of my fever and they can't figure out what is wrong.

Day 15

Walked the hallways for the first time!  I even did it twice.  My back muscles are beginning to hurt from not being used and thankfully I've kept my fever pretty low.

Day 16

A JP was taken out today.  Man did that hurt!  I don't know how in the world I'm going to be able to handle 4 more PLUS 2 chest tubes.  My fever is up again.  Boy do I love the TBS channel!  They play the best movies!

Day 17

I had to have a CT scan to look for infection due to my dumb fever.  Nothing is found, so they put me on penicillin for the infection.  I  have 48 hours to get it I can do anything about my dumb fever!

Day 18

Another big day!  I lost the NG tube and a JP!  

Day 19

Dad comes to visit!  Smiles!  I walked more today than I have ever!  I even got to go outside with a wheel chair (Dad pushed).  The whole wheelchair thing was a lil' embarrassing...even though I was in a hospital and the majority of the people were using wheelchairs.  Oh well!  And I still have my fever

Day 20

Tom and Dianne, the in-laws, (Ha! HA!) come to visit.  I find chunks of my hair on my pillow and the tears just flowed. 

Day 21

Today was HUGE!   I lost a chest tube, a JP and my catheter.  And as a consolation prize....I got to have a chemo treatment!

Day 22

I feel like CRAP today!  I guess its from the chemo.  I tried to eat real food for the first time, but it all came back up.  I'm officially here over the 21 days initially expected and I'm not happy about that!

Day 32

Well, since day 22 life has consisted of vomiting, vomiting, and did I mention....VOMITING!  It was just horrible and I'm still in the hospital.  They keep promising that I'm going home soon....just not soon enough for me!  I am able to get out and walk a lot which really helps my attitude and mood.  Hopefully I'll be going home SOON!



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