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Dirty Harry goes to H#%l Shot

1 pkg of strawberry jello

1 pkg of lime jello

1 C of spiced rum

1C of tequila


1.  Prepare jello as directed using the liquor in place of the cold water.

2.  Prepare the strawberry jello first and put in fridge allowing time for it to set.

2.  Prepare the lime jello second and pour on top of the already prepared (and set) strawberry jello.


Explaination of the name and ingredients

The way I see it is that most cancer patients recieve multiple types of chemo drugs...that is why I used multiple types of liquor.  The red stands for the obvious (you know where) and the green stands for Earth.  I orginally put a jelly bean, which stood for my tumor Dirty Harry,  inbetween the two layers(for those who "just don't understand" I'm sure you do not find that humorous) but I found that swallowing a jelly bean is just not fun!  Enjoy!